Tuesday, September 2, 2008

In case you need rosters...

Results From Our 1st DSFFL Blog Poll

Which team is the preseason favorite to win the 2008 DSFFL Championship?
Crunch Time - 2 (28%)
En Fuego - 0 (0%)
Lone Gunmen - 1 (14%)
Storm Troopers - 1 (14%)
The Barbarians - 1 (14%)
The Grifters - 0 (0%)
The Rookies - 1 (14%)
Ton - 1 (14%)
Trailertrash - 0 (0%)
Warring Whippets - 0 (0%)

...win the Inside Division?
Storm Troopers - 3 (42%)
The Barbarians - 1 (14%)
The Grifters - 0 (0%)
Ton - 2 (28%)
Warring Whippets - 1 (14%)

...win the Outside Division?
Crunch Time - 2 (28%)
En Fuego - 0 (0%)
Lone Gunmen - 2 (28%)
The Rookies - 2 (28%)
Trailertrash - 1 (14%)

Sunday, August 31, 2008

This is Supposed to be a Fun Blog...

... but in light of what's going on in the Gulf of Mexico right now I want to take a little side trip.

Once of the things about being part of the Deep South Fantasy Football League is that many of my friends in the league still do live in the Deep South (unlike me, who managed to escape to the world of the beltway in Washington, D.C.). Having said that, so many of them still live in areas where storms like Hurricane Gustav pose a very constant and real threat. I know everyone will make the right choices to protect themselves and their families from what could be a dangerous storm, but I still can't help but worry.

One of the benefits of being an owner in this league is the great friendships that have developed over the years -- and the concern for your friends' well-being that develops along with it. Sometimes, worrying about getting your lineup in on time just isn't enough in comparison to what's going on in the real world...

Thursday, August 28, 2008



This is the DSFFL...

Well, I've started my 2nd blog. This time for our fantasy football league. Last weekend we had the auction and draft to officially kickoff our 14th season. This picture is from 2006 in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. 9 of the 10 league members were present. We will have to get a picture of Todd on here soon. I need to make this quick right now but over time, I hope this becomes the "historic" record of our league. All owners will have posting privileges so we can each add our thoughts and perspective of the league and events. And hopefully we can create something that when someone asks what is fantasy football (although that question seems to occur less often now than in the past) or our kids (or wives for that matter) start wondering what "Dad" does for that weekend in August each year, we can say visit dsffl.blogspot.com and read all about it.